III Strand DNA/Interview Anthony Patch

“And now we have, even as strange as it sounds, a rise to almost epidemical level of Rabies, which we typically asociates with animals, but when it
crosses to the human barrier, there is no treatment, there is no cure for Rabies, this is not necessarily new, but it´s coming to the
forefront..”..Zombie Apocalypse”…Zombie Apocalypse, because that´s exactly how people present themselves, if you will and speaking medically. That´s
how they appear and how they behave, it´s like a Zombie, because of the effects of Rabies on the nervous system. There were last year,.. there were
actually drills conducted by our own Government on a Zombie Apocalypse and how first responders…how would they deal with these people.. So it sounds
far fetched to the average person who hasn´t heard this before, but this isn´t something new…but let´s go beyond the Rabies, let´s talk about people
who get flu shots… which is really a manmade disease… The Third Strand is made of silicon and is also encoded in Gold..If you talked about
Nanotechnology and Nanolayers… you are building a third strand DNA….so that more information can be digitally imported or programmed…you are
transferring that, importing into a persons body, through vaccines, because they are afraid of contracting a virus… chuckle and say, well we couldn
´t force people to take this vaccine or this hidden third strand of dna… but if we create the problem and present the solution, people will demand the
solution…Does we achieve the ultimate Goal…Change everybodys DNA, what do they become, they become a hybrid. The insidious part of this is that,
once a person is injected, almost immediately their DNA undergoes transformation, almost immediately they lose all awareness of the fact that they have
lost their independence.., to make decision on their own and to affect them on moral level, the moral independence, their beliefs, religious, moral,
ethical, legal, all of those go away..if you remove the independent thought and that awareness that you´ve lost your independence is gone, what then do
the powers that be do with these new forms of human hybrids, they can control them, they can turn them into Serf Class… a class of slaves to serve the
Elite, to serve the Ray Kurzweils of the world who want to achieve Immortality… That they need to have labour to manufacture, develop all of the
technologies and they have enough technologies now..The scientific world, if you will, has reached the level where they don´t care about to hide it any
more. Their Agenda is so far advanced, both, politically, philosophically, their sense of morals and technologically.. an opinion serf class, they are
not worried about what we think, they are not worried about us rebelling and in fact we won´t rebell, partly because we are so dumbed down, to a variety
of mechanism… Now they can do what they want with us.. They are achieving what I call the Hive Mentality, like a Bee Hive..Working Bees, Soldier Bees,
serving the Queen… and it´s not the politicians…forget the politicans… This has nothing to do with political structure or classes. It has to do
with a small group of people who are in control and have been in control since ancient times. (Anthony Patch)(3rd Strand DNA)(Covert Catastrophe)”

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