US Military is a juggernaut of destruction around the globe.

“A giant military machine is like a cancer that is only concerned with its own proliferation. Eisenhower warned the world about the nightmare we now face. The US military is a juggernaut of destruction around the globe. An inconceivably massive beast with an insatiable thirst for more resources to keep it grinding forward. Though the climate engineering programs are not mentioned in the article below, there is a great deal to consider from all that is covered. On top of everything that is detailed in the report, consider that a fully loaded KC 135 jet tanker can consume as much as a gallon a second. How many jet tankers is the US military and NATO keeping airborne to continue the constant spraying of the entire planet 24/7?”
Source: US-mega-military-machine-is-destroying-the-planet-from-many-directions

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